Why Rent with Us?

It's time to join the rental revolution

There are a good number of reasons why you should be looking to rent your maternity wear, least of all that they are only useful when your babe is in your tum. The reasons to rent with us are pretty simple, really.

  • We are with you all throughout your pregnancy. Baby in the tummy is doing his/her job splendidly by putting on weight? Yes, order 1 size up in the next month of your subscription box!

  • We give you variety. Especially in today's world of fast fashion where it is nothing short of cardinal sin to be seen in the same outfit twice. We get you (though we might not agree on principle). That is why Bundle 'n Joy exists - to satiate your appetite for the latest trends, without costing the Earth. Literally.

  • We know you love the environment. But are your clothes wrecking the planet? Probably. So rise up sister and join the fight towards protecting our Mother Earth.

  • We make it easy at the start. All cleaning and minor repairs are included in your bundle price. Because we know you have better things to do. Like choosing the perfect name for your baby,

  • We make it easy at the end. Some mamas think that buying isn't that bad as they can sell it on later secondhand. That is true. But, why the hassle? Once your little pink-cheeked-chubby babe comes into the world, do you think you'd be interested in selling anything? No. All eyes and attention on that precious little miracle, and rightly so.

  • We love the environment. No really. We are committed to reducing the carbon, water and waste footprint caused by clothes hence we source pieces from only quality brands that will go the mile in dressing all current and future mamas. Read about our commitment to the environment here.

  • We want to give back. 1% of profits go towards our chosen charities, hence every subscriber makes a difference!