The Trial Bundle

1. How does this work really?

We understand how difficult it is to estimate your size when pregnant. We also understand that sometimes you just want to feel and see a product and trial a service before you pay full price for it.

We get you.

Therefore, we introduced this trial scheme so that you can trial different sizes, feel different fabrics against your skin and you can rest assured that we only stock high quality garments,

You can choose up to 6 items (we recommend choosing a range of sizes and different fabrics and apparel type) to trial before you commit to a monthly plan. Keep the items you like and return the rest of us within 1 week. The week starts when you have received the box.

The number of items kept will correspond to the Item Bundle that you will sign up to. For e.g. if you decided to keep 4 items and return 2, you will be billed £55/month; if you decide to keep 3 items, you will be billed £45/month and so on.

If you decide that you do not like any of the items, just pop them back into the box and return them to us, that's it!

2. Can I keep all 6 items for the month?

Certainly. We allow each extra item to be rented per month at an extra £10 rental hire per item. So, for e.g., if you decided to keep all 6 items, you will be billed £75/month and you get to pick another 6 items the following month to exchange. If you decided to keep 5 items and returned 1 item within 1 week, you will billed £65/month and can pick 5 new items to be exchanged the following month. 

3. What is the catch? 

None at all! We understand that some people would like to try the sizes first and also a new service before signing up and we would like to facilitate that for you!

We just ask that you respect and love the clothes as if they were your own.

4. What happens if I fail to return the items after 1 week, or ever?

We will have to charge a late fee of £30 per item/day and if you fail to return them after 10 days, the full price of the items will be charged as stated in our Subscription Terms.

5. What if I damage the items?

As this is a trial service, we do not expect any wear and tear to happen. In the event of any damage, lost items and theft, we will have to charge the cost of the item as stated in our Subscription Terms.