Celebrate the end of wearing ill fitting clothes and succumbing to fast fashion in maternity wear. 

Have you ever been in a position where the clothes you are wearing is uncomfortable but you tolerate it because.... well, just because?

And are you planning to do the same to your bump?

No mama!

While there (most likely) aren't any studies that investigates the the corset-like-effect on your growing bump, I can hardly think of a more uncomfortable way of nurturing your growing waistline. In fact, feeling free and beautiful in clothes should be (well, one of) your priority as your body nourishes the little life growing in you.

On the other hand, buying cheap, poorly tailored clothes to carry you through these few months of pregnancy is firstly damaging to the planet, secondly - your bank account and thirdly, quite possibly - your self esteem. Yes, pregnancy can make you feel like a whale (we have all been through it!) and why, oh why would you want to hide your newly acquired gorgeous bod under misshapen clothes?

Say goodbye to the pregnancy-fashion-faux-pas of poor quality, ill fitting clothes and say hello to on-point outfits that enhances your baby curves!

We source our pieces from reputable brands in the industry, ensuring that each garment is of the highest standards. Our main goal is to source clothes that are manufactured to the highest standards and can withstand the test of wear and time.

Help us on this journey by suggesting your much loved maternity brands to us at and we will try to stock it so that it can be enjoyed by other pregnant mamas around you!


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