1. How does maternity sizing work? 

Most maternity designs go by your pre-pregnancy size. Some styles in our collection are not made for maternity but have certain characteristics that work for pregnant women. For such pieces, consider sizing up by one or two sizes, depending on your trimester and how other clothes are fitting. If you have questions about the sizing or fit, please do contact us.


2. What if some of the items I ordered don’t fit?

As we stock several brands, the sizing may vary from brand to brand. Please do compare your own measurements against the items’ to get a feel of how the item will work on you.

Feel free to order 2 different sizes of the same garment if in doubt. Please note that this will count as two selections in your box. Please contact us for further assistance if you still can’t decide.


You may order an additional replacement item for an additional £15 if you’ve ordered an item that doesn’t fit you well. This replacement item, along with the original item, must be returned at the same time as the rest of the items in your subscription box.