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All About Neli

Neli is an established London-based wedding and family photographer who possesses the enthusiasm, technical skills and creative flair required to capture life’s magical moments. Her creative talent is publicly recognised and her work has featured in international newspapers and online magazines.

First picking up a camera at the age of 14, Neli possess a passion for photography which has been nurtured over many years through extensive training in New York and London with leading wedding and portrait photographers.

As a family and newborn baby photographer, she captures the essence and personality of the people behind the lens with ease and capture the intimacy of a family portrait to last a lifetime.

We speak to Neli...

.. .about why a mum-to-be should capture their bump and beyond. Neli gives us insight into her thoughts about pregnancy and newborn photo shoots and we have to say, we cannot agree more with her philosophy!

Why to do a pregnancy photo session A woman emanates radiance during the miraculous time of carrying a child, so taking maternity photography during that period is truly special.

Many women might feel tired, nauseous, sore, aching and possibly the heaviest they've ever been, but on the outside most of that can't be seen. Instead, I see a beautiful woman bringing a new life into the world. Whether or not you love how you look, my skill as a professional maternity photographer is to bring out the beauty, love and femininity of pregnancy. A professional photography session allows you to capture and save memories of being pregnant in a positive light.

A new baby brings many changes and life will not be the same. So, take some time to capture the way things are right now. It's probably been a while since you had any family photos taken. This is the perfect opportunity to involved your partner (and other kids if it's not your first child) in the photosession and get beautiful images of your family before it is changes.

You might be unsure about it now, but if you don’t have a photography session while you’re pregnant, you’ve lost the chance to create once in a lifetime memories. Down the road, you might forget what it felt like to be expecting. Capture those emotions so you can look back on them with fondness. I don’t know anyone who has regretted getting a pregnancy photo shoot, but I know plenty who regret not doing it.

Best time for a pregnancy photosession is between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on the style and feel of the images you may want I offer studio photosession and outdoors photosession. Full portfolio of maternity and pregnancy images can be seen at https://www.neliprahova.com/Family/Maternity/.

Why to do a newborn photo session

The birth of your child is one of the most defining moments in your life. There is no feeling more magical than becoming a parent, and the tenderness and warmth experienced during those first few days with your baby is truly unique.

It’s quite literally a once in a lifetime event as a few weeks after they are born your little one will no longer fit in your arms. They are only this small for such a short time and that's why the window of opportunity for professional newborn photos is only in the first 12 days of baby being born. But it’s so worth to be able to look back on those memories forever. Our memory get cloudy with time, but those pictures of your little one will remind yoy every little detail when they’re all grown up.

Most couples spend a lot of money on a wedding photographer on their wedding day so that they can relive their special day through beautiful rofessional photos. Becoming a mum or dad is one of those unbeatable and unforgettable moments. It’s arguably more significant than any wedding day. So why wouldn’t you want to document this special time with pictures that celebrate the arrival of your baby

First time parents by many baby gadgets, toys, and equipment. These things cost a lot of money but they don’t last. You’ll use things and then either pass them on or bin them. There’s nothing left to show for the investment you made, whereas an investment in newborn baby portraits will be one that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Full portfolio of newborn photos could be seen at https://www.neliprahova.com/Family/Baby/

Why should they use me as their photographer

With more than 10 years of professional experience and more than 25 years of loving photography I am still excited by every photosession I do, whether it's a wedding a pregnancy or a newborn photosession. Over the last 8 years I have photographed many of the new parents in Wapping and Tower Hamlets and I have stayed friends with many of my clients and often people book me for an annual photo session which allows to capture the growth of your child year by year. But I just melt every time I photograph a newborn baby. Every time I see one of those tiny babies, just a few days old, I am so awestruck at their little features and movements. I am also completely humbled and honored to have been chosen by a family to capture these special moments that pass all too quickly. There are lots of tricks and approaches not to mention safety techniques to help capture beautiful newborn photographs that new parents are not aware of so it's best to trust my professional experience. I also have a big variety of props and backgrounds that clients can chose from in order to create a variety of images. Whether you make a beautiful album for keepsake as a family treasure or use the images to make a present for grandparents or announcement cards I haven't yet met a family yet who regretted having a newborn session. As a mom myself, I know how much kids change over a few weeks, months, and years. It’s mind-blowing just how much one tiny newborn change into a little person with a big personality by only their first birthday. I strive to capture each stage and if you truly want classic baby photos to treasure of the years and share with your kids and grandkids, I encourage parents to consider milestone packages where a I documents baby’s first year so they can appreciate each milestone of that year fully. Neli Elegant Wedding and Portrait Photography www.NeliPrahova.com Instagram: @neliprahova www.facebook.com/neliprahova


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