The Beautiful Mamas-to-be that Won our Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Back in April, we teamed up with the talented Tina Aileen from The Snapshot Cafe and put out a model search call for mamas-to-be to model our lovely pieces and in return, they receive a free photoshoot from us!

We were truly humbled by the response we received and using a random number generator, the two lucky mamas-to-be chosen were Kathy White and Ricarda Dueker!

The weather was perfect for a photoshoot and we are so excited that we now have the final edits!

Go on, we hope you enjoy viewing our stunning mamas-to-be!

From getting the ladies completely made over to shooting taking advantage of all angles and lighting of our fabulous mamas, all of us had a fantastic time!

We will be running another model call for our Autumn/Fall collection.

Keep checking for further updates!

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