How to Dress Well during Pregnancy

"Dressing for pregnancy make for a more pragmatic, practical fashion sense"

How do you deal with your closet now that you are pregnant? Help!

For some, it involves sourcing a whole new wardrobe, some cobble-together what they have, some of us are lucky and get hand-me-downs. Here an BnJ we firmly believe that being pregnant allows you to break all 'fashion rules', we especially love comfortable sneakers with the maxi dress look

What does it mean?

While pregnant, our bodies undergo a massive amount of change, all starting with the surge of hormones as your baby grows. Realities of dressing for maternity can be far from fantasy; thoughts of cute tight dresses, bikinis and heels that embrace the bump - basically what celebrities seem to wear might be something that looks good, but certainly not practical as you manage a huge belly, swollen ankles and feet. However, looking good during pregnancy is a massive energy and mood booster. Physical attractiveness is powerful; research has shown that it leads to happiness; attractive people are perceived to be happier, more successful and with more social skills. 

What does this mean for me?

It is important to want to look good but also to dress to your new body shape during pregnancy. Dressing well and looking confident as you stride out to meet the world every morning - this simple mood booster is easy to achieve if you follow these rules :

1. Choose clothes whom silhouettes workA-line dresses flatter with their skater style skirts. Belts enhance your waist at the narrowest point, just above your bump. Sleeves or no sleeves? Sleeves need to be not overtly tight to flatter your arms, sleeveless dresses are versatile and can be paired with any cardigan you own in our wardrobe. 

2. Material is important! Comfy material with a some stretch works best. 100% cotton  are kind to all skin types. In our experience, jersey stretch material delivers a fantastic look with no compromise on comfort. As the weather becomes cooler, a knitted dress will give extra warmth and goes the extra mile in fabric softness.

3. Stealth is possible, hide the bump. While we are all about CELEBRATING the bump, we understand that there are times where you want your bump to be as inconspicuous as possible. Layering is a great way to achieve this; throw on a dress or top that is layered,  and an leave your blazer open to hide your pregnant profile

4. Shop if you have to for new pieces but do so sparingly; or consider RENTING. Your body grows every week and you might find that what you bought 2 weeks ago no longer fits! Buy if you must, but look for deals as you will be purchasing something that will be used for less than a year. However, having gone through this ourselves at BnJ, we found that settling for cheap, fast fashion pieces might work for a few wears, but they quickly fall apart. If you have to buy a big ticket item, buy something that you can wear again and again. Once more, this is easier said than done, pieces that are maternity friendly is quite possibly something you won't wear once you shrink back to your normal size!

5. Where footwear is concerned, comfort reigns supreme. No, wearing stilettos will NOT harm your growing baby. But if you trip and fall, yes that will. During pregnancy, your centre of gravity changes as your bump grows and  your well honed  balance on stilettos is no longer what it used to be, and that is why medical professionals advice against stilettos. Sneakers, flats and pumps including all styles of boots can totally dress up your maternity dress: don't shy away, embrace them!

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