Fitness During Pregnancy - How to Achieve It with the More You Programme

Staying physically active is as important during pregnancy as any other time, both mentally and physically. But there is so much conflicting information surrounding how you can keep physically active and keep both yourself and your baby safe.

We speak to More You Fitness, run by Charlotte Boenigk, an exercise instructor and personal trainer who have 15 years worth of experience under her belt, and currently pregnant!

Need someone who relates to you? You've found her!

We explore what the More You Programme entails, and are chuffed that it is exactly what a pregnant mum-to-be needs.

The More You Programme

This programme supports you to stay physically active and helps to manage the aches and pains that are commonly associated with pregnancy.

At More You fitness we want you to still feel amazing throughout your pregnancy, and help prepare your body for the incredible journey it is embarking on.

So often the pain we experience during pregnancy is brushed to one side as "part of the journey"

It's not.

There is an expression in women's health physiotherapy that just because something is common, doesn't mean it is normal!

With the More You Prenatal Programme, we tackle this discomfort head on!

This includes:

  • Pelvic floor wellbeing, including breathing and relaxation exercises.

  • Mobility Sessions based on Yoga and Pilates to help you manage the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. These include: whole body mobility, Hip mobility, Spinal Mobility, Glutes and hamstrings and Upper body mobility

  • Exercise Sessions utilising cardiovascular exercises and strength/ resistance based exercises to help you stay strong and healthy as your body changes

  • Nutritional support to help you eat well without fatiguing

  • Ongoing advice and support from a qualified pre and post natal exercise coach, giving you the confidence to know you are keeping both you and your baby healthy!

  • Amazingly supportive group of mums-to-be!

With this programme you can:

  • Do everything at a pace you are comfortable with

  • Adapt the programme to suit you and your changing energy levels

  • Do it all in n your own home, so no need to travel, or sort childcare

  • Have confidence in knowing that you are keeping both yourself and your baby healthy

  • Keep doing the things you love with the people you love

Who does More You Fitness?

Run by Charlotte Boenigk (doing all her favourite things in the above pictures), who has a background in exercise rehabilitation, yoga, pilates, and parkour fitness (WOW!) - Charlotte is passionate about helping people to keep doing the things they love with the people they love.

And this is why you have to stay fit during and after pregnancy!

We love Charlotte's enthusiasm:

I have been an exercise instructor and personal trainer for over 15 years. I am passionate about movement and having fun! I never wanted to be the type of person who wished they could do something "if only I was a bit fitter"....
I love hiking, surfing, skiing,cycling....but I don’t live near any mountains and I don’t live near the sea. My motivation has always been to stay fit enough to enjoy my time when I AM able to do those things. I love sharing this with my clients. My passion is seeing people become happier, healthier, versions of themselves! I was inspired to develop the More You Prenatal Programme after the birth of my son. Having attended many prenatal exercise classes, I found many of them focused so much on the well being of the baby, and ignored the mum. Me. I am still here, I am still me.
I want help you feel amazing during your pregnancy, I want to help you feel More You!

Contact Charlotte now to get started! And Keep being YOU!

Together with Charlotte - we are offering all Bundle 'n Joy subscribers a whopping 50%

off More You's subscription fee - at £10/month rather than £20/month. Contact Charlotte at and quote 'Bundle 'n Joy'


Instagram: @moreyoufitness

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