A Shift Towards a Greener Future

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Series 2 : Go green with fashion

For years, we've grown up with the usual fashion cycle. We buy clothes that we like. We wear them and then at some point in the future, we replace them with new clothes. And the cycle continues.

That's fine and we're not here to argue that anyone should stop doing that. Dressing up is great! But if you could dress up and change the world at the same time, how cool would that be? We would like to share our thoughts with you on why it is also important to dress with a sustainable mindset. Let us know what you think.

What does this mean?

What is sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion is quite simply a greener option to the pile of unworn clothes sitting in your wardrobe. It is a more climate friendly option of fashion. That's it. And if you choose to do this, you're not alone.

The fashion industry is increasingly focused on sustainability in their products, from reducing usage of plastic carrier bags all the way to using environmentally friendly materials. 

Recently, 10 sustainability efforts were announced by the world's leading brands, including Levi's, MANGO and H&M. In today's so-called sharing economy - exemplified by Airbnb and Spotify - ownership is less of a necessity for millennials and Generation Z, who value experiences over possessions. In fashion, renting becomes an affordable way to have a fresh look for all occasions. 

What does this mean to me?

Try renting! Why rent you say? Well, it makes aspirational brands more accessibly priced (i.e. saves money), saves wardrobe space (i.e. join the KonMari revolution), makes a real difference in reducing the carbon footprint of clothes (i.e. call yourself Captain Planet) and also offers a low-risk way to try new brands (i.e. more social media shares - by the way, join our instagram page if you haven't already!).

Here at Bundle 'n Joy, we love nothing more than to source the best maternity wear for our mums to be from international and local brands. Lets go green with fashion. 

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