My Bundle 'n Joy Box

1. Will the items need to be pressed upon arrival?

Each item is steamed and pressed before shipment. We try our best to ensure all items will arrive with no creases. However, if you receive an item with slight creases, please try steaming (no ironing please!) the garment on low heat or contact us for advice.


2. Can I remove the dry cleaning or retail tag from the clothes?

Yes! We leave the tags on to show you that your item has either been dry cleaned or is brand new. Do remove the tags before wearing them


3. Can I alter/tailor the clothes?

Unfortunately, we do not allow alterations or any tailoring to any of our items. You may temporarily “hem” your items with Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape Strips. Please remove them prior to sending it back and any damage incurred during the process will be your responsibility.


4. Can I wash/clean the clothes myself?

We will sort out the washing and cleaning so you don’t have to! We highly recommend customers not to clean the garments themselves as any damage incurred during the process will be your responsibility.

5. Can I hold onto some items and return everything else?

Unfortunately, we do not facilitate partial returns at present.


6. What happens if I accidentally damaged the items?

We know accidents do happen! Any minor wear and tear (such as a lost button or minor stain) will be handled by our team. However, any significant damage, lost items and theft, we will have to charge the cost of the item as stated in our Subscription Terms.

7. Can I purchase items on your website or the items I’ve rented?

Maybe! Contact us and let's see what we can do!