Dress for Change with us

For every new subscriber, we donate £1 to the NCT

and 1% of our profits to other charities

Every Bundle 'n Joy box you receive helps support some fantastic causes!


The NCT is the UK's leading charity for parents, for your First 1,000 Days - right through your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We are proud to announce our partnership with the National Childbirth Trust, an organisation close to our hearts! Read our NCT story here and like the NCT, Bundle 'n Joy is here to help expectant mums relive the the joy of dressing up while pregnant. Looking good while pregnancy has never been so easy (and affordable!)

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Dress for Success empowers women by providing interview-worthy apparel, preparation and training to enable their entry into the work force.

Striving for women to achieve economic independence, this dedicated charity provides professional attire and the developmental tools to allow women to thrive in work and life.

With the help from you, our amazing customers, we are able to contribute towards this amazing cause, giving confidence and independence to women. Let's go girl!


Traid is committed to reduce the environmental and social impact of clothes by tackling the disposal, production and consumption of clothing in the UK and internationally.

Operating through a circular and sustainable approach towards the life cycle of a piece of clothing, Traid embodies our own ethos towards going green with fashion! Working through recycling, funding international projects in the textile industry and education, Traid aims to change how clothes are produced, used and discarded down to the very core of the issue - human behaviour.

Join hands with us in reducing fabric waste and change your approach towards clothes. It's time to Go Green.