Late Fee Policy


1. Why are on time returns important?

Unfortunately, there is a massive knock-on effect if returns are not delivered on time, as the next customer who is planning to use the item can no longer at short notice. Therefore, we rely in good faith of our customers to return the items on time to ensure other customers get to use the products too.


2. How do I avoid a late fee?

In order to avoid a late fee:

Return the items you’ve rented in the same packaging that was delivered to you. All returns must be dropped off a Parcelshop location by 12:00 pm GMT on or before the Return Date specified in your order. This ensures that your package will be scanned by Hermes Parcelshop by the next day and returned to Bundle ‘n Joy on time. Please note that you are liable for any late fees incurred, including payment for a new label, regardless of any third party involved with the return. Please also note that we are unable to ship out your new box until we receive confirmation from Hermes that you have dropped the box off.

If you have chosen to have your box collected by Hermes courier, it is your responsibility to ensure the box is physically handed to the courier on the Return Date specified. We would have automatically arranged with Hermes to pick up your order on the Return Date unless pre arranged with you otherwise. If for whatever reason you missed the courier pick up, we can arrange for up to another 2 extra pick up days but you will incur the late fee charge (detailed below), Likewise, we are unable to ship out your new box until we receive confirmation from Hermes that the box has been picked up


3. What is the late fee?

A late fee of £30 will be charged per order, per day, if you return your items late. If you have not returned a rental item within 10 business days after the return date, you will be charged up to or more than the the full retail price of the items not returned to us, as stated in our Subscription Terms, less the cost of the late fees incurred, plus applicable taxes.