Go  Green   with Fashion

It's time responsible consumerism goes mainstream

3D Boxes

Green Boxes

Our mailer boxes are made with cardboard that can effectively be recycled back into new cardboard. What's more, our boxes have 3 fluted layers, allowing for the best protection while still keeping the overall box weight at a minimum. 

We ask that you help lengthen the life of the box by taking good care of it while it is with you. Return it to us at the end of the month with your rental clothes to keep the cycle going!

Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Green Bags

We would love to use a paper bag to package up our green box in, but let's face it, the weather in the United Kingdom is.... yes, you got it - highly unpredictable. Unfortunately, we would be really upset if soaked boxes and clothes arrived at your doorstep!

However, we maintain our ethos of being as environmental friendly as possible and our green boxes will come wrapped in our green mailing bags, that are made with bio-resin and are fully compostable with home compost. There is a double glue line that allows it to be reused that one extra time to make a  round trip back to us, so please help each mailer bag make it to our HQ compost heap!

Delivery Men

Green Delivery 

Transportation no doubt leaves a big carbon footprint in our world today. That is why choosing a green means of transport for your Bundle 'n Joy box is of utmost importance. We have chosen to partner with delivery company Hermes, who is looking to go greener with introducing electric delivery vans this year. You can also make a big impact in reducing the carbon footprint of transportation Simply choose to drop off your returns at one of the 4,500+ Hermes Parcelshops in the UK instead of a door pickup service. We can do this together!