We are a unique rental  wardrobe for the mama-to-be, you must have questions!

We have tried to answer as many as we can think of, but please email us if you need more information

The Subscription Box

​1. What are the different types of subscription plans?
2. What if I don't want to commit to a long-term subscription plan?
3. Can I change subscription plans during an existing subscription?
4. What does it mean to be on the waitlist?
5. What if I want to cancel?
6. My subscription has ended but why has my credit card been charged for one extra month?
7. Can I make changes to my order?
8. Can I have a bespoke subscription plan?


1. How does maternity sizing work?


2. What if some of the items I ordered don’t fit?

My Bundle 'n Joy Box

1. Will the items need to be pressed upon arrival?

2. Can I remove the dry cleaning or retail tag from the clothes?

3. Can I alter/tailor the clothes?

4. Can I wash/clean the clothes myself?

5. Can I hold onto some items and return everything else?

6. What happens if I accidentally damaged the items?

7. Can I purchase items on your website or the items I’ve rented?

Late Fee Policy

1. Why are on time returns are important?

2. How do I avoid a late fee?

3. What is your late fee policy?

Gift Cards

1. Can I buy a Bundle as a gift?

2. Can I buy gift vouchers of specific amounts for someone else?

Shipping & Returns

1. Do I have to pay for shipping?

2. How long does delivery take after I confirm shipment of my items?

3. How long can I keep the items for?

4. How do I return my items?

5. When is my return date?

6. What if my return date ends on a weekend or public holiday?

7. Can I return my items early?

8. I’ve selected the items for my next box but why am I not able to confirm shipping? 

9. Where do you ship? 


1. How does payment work?

The Trial Bundle

1. How does this work really?

2. Can I keep all 6 items for the month?

3. What is the catch? 

4. What happens if I fail to return the items?

5. What if I damage the items?

Beyond Maternity

1. Can I continue to subscribe after my baby is due?

2. Does Bundle ‘n Joy offer nursing wear?